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The Margie Ree Hansford-Thurmond
Family Life Center
The Margie Ree Hansford-Thurmond Family Life Center, Inc. (MHT Family Life Center) is a 501(c) 3 non-profit faith based organization founded in 2008 by Rev. Myrna Thurmond-Malone. 

The MHT Family Life Center offers pastoral counseling, pastoral care, and education to individuals, couples, families, organizations, and groups. The centers primary focus is providing compassionate care, empathy, nurturing, and hope within the lives of the people who seek healing, wholeness, empowerment, and transformation.

The mission of the MHT Family Life Center is three part - (1) to stop the cycle of violence and self-hatred of women by providing crisis intervention, and offer a holistic counseling approach; (2) provide pastoral care, and counseling to the wider community; and (3) provide mentorship services, group counseling, and support to youth, and educational resources, training, counseling, and support to clergy.

The Office of Pastoral Counseling provides an integrated holistic counseling approach embracing theology and psychology. 

The Office of Pastoral Care is three part: 

EmpowerOne provides housing, training, and counseling to transient women. The Marie Buckner Women’s Transitional Housing facility is our current project. Our targeted goal is December of 2015. 

The EmpowerOne program will provide transitional housing clients with an eight step program. The teaching and counseling technique will utilize a collaborative approach that assists clients in developing self-sufficiency. The steps include personal development, counseling, interpersonal skill building, substance abuse prevention, community involvement, leisure activities, career assessment and training, and sustaining self- sufficiency. 

The Office of Kendi provides support in the community through its free mentorship and group counseling for youth age 13-19.

ClergyCare provides counseling, support, and training for pastors, church leadership, and others interested in establishing, and developing a Pastoral Care ministry within their church or organization.

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